Ownership,     "Yacht Sales" New Owners wanted.

Located @ the Harborage Marina, Intelligent Sailing is actively looking for New Owners to put New Sailing Yachts either Monohull or Catamarans into the Intelligent Sailing Owner Member Program.

Please get in contact to find out more.

Pick from one of the following Owner Program options:

Ownership, Option One
The i.S Owner-Member Program.

Place your Yacht in the Fractional Ownership Program and receive;

 Guaranteed Monthly Payment - We pay you for your Yacht

 All overhead associated with your yacht Paid by us - saving you normal overhead fees associated with ownership]

No Slip Fee, No Insurance Fee, No Electric or Water bill...the list goes on.

 A Professional Yacht Management Team to Maintain your Yacht

 A Complimentary Membership

 Have the option to purchase additional memberships at a reduced rate.

Ownership, Option Two
The i.S Yacht Service Program.

Place your Yacht in the Private Service Program and receive;

 Owner has full use of your yacht all year round

 Owner pays a monthly fee to Intelligent Sailing to Professionally manage & maintain their Yacht.

Ownership, Option Three
Yacht Sales.

Pick, Purchase, Sail Away. 

 Our fleet is always for sale & for sail. Like one of our yachts, make us an offer. We will sell you any of our yachts that are are owned by Intelligent Sailing and then Intelligent Sailing will simply replace it with a new yacht into our fleet. This is how we keep our fleet young.