Intelligent Sailing Anchorage # 1 - Location: Point Pinellas Cove:
27 42.10 N / 82 40.25 W

Distance:  8 Nm 

Good for an afternoon day sail or overnight anchorage.

ETA: 2 Hours


Directions: Leaving the Harborage Marina proceed to Marker “S” (1.0 Nm) and turn south. Follow the N S channel markers until Marker “1” (3.7 Nm) which is the first marker of the east west channel is abeam. Begin your turn west, and proceed down the channel passing the green markers to port. As a reminder, continue to look astern as you progress down this channel to ensure you are in the channel, especially if you are sailing.

At Marker “10” (2.7 Nm) proceed on a heading of 310 degrees for (.7 Nm). Upon arriving you can drop the anchor in approximately 10 feet of water, which has good holding ground and is safe for swimming.

Activities: The Sunspree Resort is .4 Nm northwest from your location. A restaurant, bar, Swimming pools and bathing facilities are available. Contacts the dock master on channel 16 for transient dock availability should you wish to visit. Caution about the entrance channel is needed as the port side of the channel when entering is very shallow about 10 feet out from the sea wall.