Intelligent Sailing Anchorage # 2 - Location: Apollo Beach Basin:
27 46.6 N 82 25.5 W

Distance:  11 Nm 

This can be a day sail and or an overnight anchorage.

ETA: 2 Hours 45 Minutes

Directions: Upon leaving the Harborage Marina and passing the “S” Marker take a heading of 088 degrees. At approximately (3.1Nm) the Q range marker should be .1Nm off your port beam. If not you have either a current or leeway effect, and a correction is required to get back on course. Continue on course to the commercial shipping channel (2.6Nm). Observation is required in three directions, North, South, and West for commercial vessels. Should there be one in sight, estimate its distance from you and do not cross the channel if it is within 2 miles of your location. At a speed of 12 knots it will travel 2 miles every 10 minutes which is what it will take you to cross the channel at some of its wider areas. Also be emended to cross the channel at 90 degrees to insure the shortest route. Sailboats must not impede the passage of commercial traffic.

Channel buoys, “3P” and “4P’ should be to port. If not, correct you’re heading accordingly. Continue on course to Marker “2” which is the entrance to the Apollo Beach South Channel. If you are off course south of the marker be aware of the shallow areas. Refer to the chart. 

Proceed past Marker “2” (4.5Nm) keeping it to starboard using the markers to guide you.At Marker “12” (.5Nm) look to the port side and you will see the basin where you will anchor.  Proceed on a heading of 045 degrees for (.5Nm) and drop anchor. Any location in this basin will provide good anchorage.


Looking north you will see The Lands End Marina fuel dock. They can be called at 813-645-5594, 813-645-5594 for a temporary dock should you wish to have something to eat at Circles Restaurant. Also a trip through the canals may be enjoyable.