The following locations and directions are provided for your sailing pleasure and enjoyment. Each location expands your sailing area by providing either a further distance to travel to within a day, or, an anchorage from where you can leave from to go longer distances. In addition, each location provides an increased level of sailing and navigational skill, which is intended to expand your skill and knowledge.
The following notes are provided as needed.

A.   Plan your trip. Do not wait until you’re confused to read the directions.

B.   Review the charts. Study the applicable chart and know exactly what the directions are referencing.

C.   Calculate travel time. When calculating travel time know how long each leg of the trip will take at three average speeds. (3, 4, 5 knots) As you travel this will help estimate how well you are doing on your overall estimated time of arrival (ETA). Appropriate action may be needed to arrive on time. This is a very important component of “Dead Reckoning.”

D.  ETA’s provided for each location are estimated at an overall average speed of four (4) nautical miles per hour.

E.  In the directions provided the distances are placed in parentheses and are in nautical miles.(2.3Nm)

F.  Headings are provided in degrees magnetic.

G. The orange line  on the chart is the approximate course to follow.