The Olson Family

Intelligent Sailing Members the Olson Family have been members since 2007 and are the 2012 Members of the Year.

We just wanted to say Thanks for a great experience at Intelligent Sailing!  I became a member in 2007, having very limited sailing experience mostly on a Sunfish during the summers (both weeks) at home in upstate NY. 

I really joined as a way to “get away” from the stresses of our life at home with the retail marine business that we own and operate.  We are able to fly direct to Tampa from our home in upstate NY, so we are truly able to “get away’ when we visit Intelligent Sailing

Very quickly, it became much more than just a get away.  The team at Intelligent Sailing made my wife and our daughters feel so comfortable with the experience, it became our “2nd home”, complete with another set of Intelligent Sailing friends that we now call family! 

I am also amazed at how well kept the boats are.  Every time we visit, it’s like getting a brand new boat to go out on!  After basic training/certification with Capt. Bob, my wife and two daughters now thoroughly enjoy the sailing experience at Intelligent Sailing.  We have all been sailing together either on one of the organized Flotilla experiences, or racing in one of the Regattas that they put together. 

We also have been out many times with friends from out of town, or with the many new friends that we have made through the years at Intelligent Sailing .   With the busy lives that we all lead today, and in our case, raising two teenage daughters, sailing it seems, is the one activity that we can all be together, having fun.  We all look forward to each and every visit.

Thanks so much!      Jeff,      Upstate NY.

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The Olsen Family love holidaying down here and sailing in St Petersburg, FL
The Olsen Family did the ASA (American Sailing Association) Combo Course One
intelligent Sailing School 

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