Sherry & Naaman - Members with Intelligent Sailing since 2009

My wife and I had only sailed one time prior to joining Intelligent Sailing. We always thought it would be too expensive and too hard to learn. We were incorrect on both counts.

Learning how to sail and joining Intelligent Sailing has been great fun. Being out on the water with good wind and no noisy motor is true relaxation. To feel the power of the wind move the boat is a feeling that you can only get while sailing. To see dolphins, sea turtles and stingrays nearly every time we go out is a true gift of nature. If we are feeling stressed because of our jobs, a day of sailing always brings us back in balance.

We have found Intelligent Sailing to be very affordable. It is great not having to deal with boat payments, insurance, dock fees and especially maintenance.

The Intelligent Sailing team is very professional and the training is par excellence.

Naaman & Sherry.


Intelligent Sailing Members since 2009.

ASA Certified 101, 103 and 104. Regatta & Flotilla participants.


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