Pick from one of the following Owner Program options:

Option One - The Fractional Membership Program

Place your Yacht in the Fractional Membership Program and receive;

Guaranteed Monthly Payment - We pay you for your boat

All overhead assoscaited with your yacht Paid by us - saving you normal overhead fees associated with ownership  No Slip Fee, No Insurance Fee, No Electiric or Water bill...the list goes on.

A Professional Yacht Management Team to Maintain your Yacht

A Complimentary Membership

Have the option to purchase additional memberships at a reduced rate.

Option Two - The Yacht Service Program

Place your Yacht in The Private Yacht Service Program and receive; 

Owner has full use of your yacht all year round

Owner pays a monthly fee to Intelligent Sailing to Professionaly manage & maintain their Yacht.

Place your Yacht in the Fractional Membership or Service Program and know your boat will be looked after.